Ammit (Crocodile-headed devourer in Duat, not a true deity.)Edit

Ammit is a beast half crocodile, half lion, and half hippopotamus. Ammit is considered in some cases a funerary deity and consists of the titles "Devourer of hearts" and "Great Death".

Ammit lives near the scales of justice located in the Duat in the hall of two truths. Everytime Anubis weighed a heart against the Maat in the symbolic form of an ostrich known as the feather of truth and it weighed more than the feather Ammit was in charge of disposing of the sinners heart. When Ammit ate the heart of the sinner they became known as a restless soul and were considered to have "Died a second time".

Ammit was never truly worshipped and was not considered a goddess instead she was the embodiment of everything the egyptians feared otherwise speaking fear itself.