Aken (Ferryman to the Underworld)

The head deity in Egyptian Mythology was Ra god of the sun. Ra was known to drag the sun across the sky in a boat known as the solar boat and cross the Underworld at night in another boat called Meseket. But later the myth changed and Meseket was sailed by a seperate diety known as Aken who became known as the ferryman of the Underworld

In Egyptian Mythology, the Underworld was composed of the general area known as Duat a much more pleasant area to which the morally right were permitted, named Aaru. At the point in history at which Aken arose, Anubis had become nothing but the god of embalming, and Osiris, though the lord of the whole Underworld, dwelt specifically in Aaru. Aken was known as the ruling area outside of Aaru, Duat in general, on Osiris' behalf.

Aken is usually depicted as a being ram-headed with the body of a man. Because Aken is both a(n) deity of the underworld and a subservient of Osiris he became later known as Cherti of Kherty, which meant (One who is).

Aken's main centered cult became the Letopolis, this cult was considered the cause for other ferryman myths near other mediterranean countries.